How did we get here?

IMG_9697PerspectivAIR, LLC was founded by professional photographer Steve Maller at the beginning of 2013 to provide low-altitude, intimate aerial imagery to discerning clients. Steve has spent over a decade delivering meaningful, beautiful still and moving images to clients all over the world. The appearance of small, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) is a game-changer for image-makers who are willing to invest the time, energy, and capital to engage in this field. Steve’s background of almost 20 years in the technology industry, and his love of using and building tools, have together powered a rapid ascent to expertise in this new field. Operating a UAS requires patience and skill to design and build the platform, perseverance to acquire the many hours of flying experience that enable safe, accurate and responsive operation, and the vision and imagination to make the most of the visual capabilities of these wonderful tools.
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