Magic Road Trip!

I was part of a film crew on a ten day journey in an RV from Michigan to California through some of the prettiest places in the USA. And we planned to film the heck out of these places with a dozen cameras and rigs, including my Freefly ALTA drone.

Our road trip has now successfully concluded. Here is some numbers for your consideration:

  • I flew 35 flights across 7 states (from Michigan to California) over 9 days
  • My longest flight (2×10000 mAh LiPos, M5, GH4) was 22 minutes
  • My highest altitude of operation: 12,000 feet ASL
  • My lowest temperature of operation: 21°F
  • I flew 4 flights in light snowfall
  • I calibrated compass only after at least 500 miles traveled…GPS PH was spot on at every location

And here are a few photos of our operations. It was an amazing adventure!

Day 8 scratch.00_12_40_02.Still006 2015-11-05_09-57-05 2015-11-05_09-58-40 chimney approach.00_00_52_06.Still002 day 2 part 2.00_14_42_00.Still005 day 2 part 2.00_34_01_09.Still012 day 4.00_13_07_11.Still006 day 5 scratch.00_22_01_17.Still008 iphone alta launch in kansas.00_00_44_21.Still001 Sequence 04.00_00_00_00.Still001 P1230510 the-crew