January 2015

Video interference issue fixed with DragonLink UHF

I was having problems at long-range with my ground station’s video cutting out. I read up on the problem and found out the issue was with the cheap video receivers I was using. I replaced them with a couple of much better Lawmate video receivers, and now my DragonLink does not interfere with my video.

Next Generation FPV Ground Station

I’ve been wanting to cobble one of these together for a long time
I finally assembled the pieces and did it. It uses a Pelican 1600 case.

It has two 1.3GHz video receivers feeding either two displays (heavy lifter), or a diversity controller to pick the best signal (long distance quad) plus a 5.8GHz video receiver for my little FPV pod racer. I have a DVR to record what the ground station sees. There are two antenna hookups, and a current-limited DC power supply (Kickstarter project). Zeiss Cinemizers can run off of any video channel, too.

It all runs off a 4400mAh 3S (12V) LiPo. Not sure how long the battery will last. I’ll know more after I use it a bit. But I have a few of those batteries. I could run them in parallel, I guess.