DragonLink powered!

My big quad is now DragonLink V2 powered! I’ve been waiting for some time to get all the pieces together to allow me to increase this copter’s range. The previous 2.4 TX/RX I had barely made it to 500-600 meters before encountering dropouts and other issues. But the DragonLink has no such issues. I have seen many other drone guys push these to ridiculous distances. At the speed this quad flies and considering its battery capacity, I figure I’ve got 3km+ of range now. Today, I flew it on a tour of our local beaches. I went about 1.6km north then back to where I started, and then another 1km to the south.

Another cool thing is the GoPro HD Hero3+ footage is super smooth, thanks to the Snake River Prototyping BlurFix Air with ND8/CP Filter. As you can see, it was a super bright, sunny day today, and normally you’d see a lot of rolling shutter in GoPro footage. There’s none! I also have one of their ND8 filters, but I needed the CP, too, because it was so bright today. The video is not stabilized BTW. Just removed a bit of the GoPro fisheye effect in Premiere with Red Giant Looks.

Lastly, some info about my copter:
– Cinestar center hub with 400mm booms and custom battery tray in the bomb bay
– NAZA-M V2 with iOSD mini
– KDE 35A ESCs
– Avroto 3515 motors
– 14″ CF props
– DragonLink V2 12 channel UHF receiver
– Tarot 2-axis gimbal
– Generic CCD flight cam with video switcher