Great day of testing

My friend Colin and I have been wanting to collaborate on some flying exercises for a while, so I invited him to run the MōVI sticks today. We flew one long-ish flight, and it was a beautiful day, and the copter and gimbal performed well, as did the two of us! The footage below is unstabilized and uncorrected. The only edits are a couple of the pans are slowed 60P-24P.

This is my custom X8 Octocopter with KDE 4012 motors, Mikrokopter electronics, and powered by dual Tattu 10000 mAh 6S LiPos. Panasonic GH4 with Olympus 12/2.0 and B+W 0.9x ND filter is flying on my Freefly Systems MōVI M5. Video downlink is RMRC 1.3gHz.

Thanks to Colin for the photos!